Beyond Cloud: Doug Clark, Cloud Lead, IBM UK and Ireland

doug in partnership with Groupe INSEEC London presents: A Beyond Cloud Interview with Doug Clark from IBM.

Doug Clark (@cloudstuff) is the Cloud leader for IBM UK & Ireland – his mission is to help clients unlock the power of Cloud; seizing their full business growth potential and agility. With over 12 years of UK and International experience in the IT industry, Doug has worked with clients across the Communications, Utilities and Industrial Sectors. Having previously held Director level roles in Marketing, Sales, Distribution and Process Improvement, Doug brings a wealth of experience that has helped him become a key thought leader in the Cloud Computing space. 

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In this exclusive interview, IBM's Cloud leader/ Cloud Consultant, Doug Clark and Daniel Steeves discuss his unique role, IBM's plan for the cloud and the unique entrepenurial approach they have undertaken. We learn how the company listens to clients, where the cloud is going beyond mobile and social and his views on regulation.

Series Questions:

Q1: You are here as the “Large Cloud Provider”. Tell us about your role and how your business has changed as a result of today’s cloud computing environment, in terms of both risks and opportunities.

Q2: Why is this big thing different than the last big thing?

Q3: What are your views on regulating the cloud, or the cloud providers, or what sits in the cloud?

Q4: If you accept my premise that the cloud is a delivery vehicle, where is it taking us and what comes next along the way?

The Beyond Cloud Series of video discovery discussions examines the viewpoints of some of the top minds in the UK cloud computing space as they share their views on the trends, issues and realities of the industry – and the industries which it impacts.





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