the Beyond Solutions Boardroom


Today's business issues with today's business leaders, in the Beyond Solutions Boardroom you will hear from bright, innovative and successful CEOs and Business Leaders (and the occasional Visionary) sharing their views on the trends, realities and planning necessary to succeed

Styled as conversational and interactive, this informative series delivers insights and ideas with which businesses and brands can enhance their results either by adapting and applying, or as the catalyst to connect 'their' dots

Produced by IntelligentHQ, hosted by Groupe INSEEC London and presented by Daniel Steeves, the Boardroom is intended to be, a "mostly pitch-free" environment: discussions will necessarily include product and company references but, hopefully, used to illustrate rather than to sell

Richard Weaver is a Former Chief Inspector with the Metropolitan Police, and a Business Growth Partner with Advantage Business Partnerships Ltd.

Jon Penney is the founder and CEO of both Cryptosoft, the company that creates innovative encryption solutions to provision ‘Security on Demand’ infrastructures for the enterprise and Intellect Security Ltd

Eddie George is the Founder and Organiser of New Finance, the largest Financial Technology Innovation group in the UK and one of the most influential worldwide.

Coming Soon: Beyond Cloud

The Beyond Cloud series will pose for discussion the same set of probing questions across a dozen different points of view from some of the industry’s best minds: Solutions Providers to End User businesses and from Subject Matter Experts to Industry Analysts

Taking the same conversational and interactive approach as the Beyond Solutions Boardroom, a series of twelve discovery discussions will tackle issues of the technology sector impacting businesses today from the points of view of top practitioners, strategists and thought leaders

Starting with positioning the interviewee within the constantly changing industry under discussion, we will move to discuss the outcomes that this technology is meant to deliver from their perspective; whether regulation needs to be brought into play; and wrapping up with their perspective on what this latest thing really means and where it is going to take us

Production started April 12 for Beyond Cloud

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