A growth-focused change agent with thirty years leading, brokering, designing and selling complex programmes, I collaborate at C-level to grow businesses by adding my experience and perspective to fine-tune what the business says and does (and sells and delivers) with a focus on profitable, sustainable growth: I am always up for an initial conversation to set the stage so get in touch (and feel free to take a look at where I’ve worked over the years and what I’ve written to get an idea about what I just might have to say)

I transform and grow technology service providers, end user organisations and investment houses by driving a different way of thinking… enabled by a broad career covering a broad array of technologies and approaches across industries and sectors as shown in this ‘old school’ technology matrix of skills, past.

I maximise the value extracted from working with technical and creative resources due to my approach and my background: with a pragmatic, tactical view on strategy and a collaborative, communicative style, I just ‘fit in’. I take great pride in my work and have earned respect throughout my career, as can be evidenced by the recommendations on my LinkedIn profile which have been provided by my peers, my direct reports and from executive level

Beyond Solutions Limited Registered number in England 6937071

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