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About Me

About Me


a Business Focus from a Technologist

deRisk the Cloud

Working with Businesses to Get it Right!


  • Daniel is a seasoned and highly experienced enterprise architect and solutions director. He understands how to position a proposition and its business value both inside an organisation, and with senior executive stakeholders of the client/prospect. I found him to be diligent, collaborative and highy valuable in examining all angles to achieve the desired result.

    Steve Latchem, Senior VP, Global Solutions

  • Since taking the role as UK Director and business Advisor to Exspans Systems, Daniel quickly introduced a new approach to how we market our organisation and has successfully raised awareness of our product line.

    Simon Spanchak, CEO & Founder

    Exspans Systems
  • Daniel stands out amongst them, in many capacities – from being a Start-up Business Consultant to cloud computing and technical expert. He has helped and still does help me with my start up on consulting basis. Each time we talk he comes with a great solution to a problem that I am facing. Daniel is full of new ideas and one of the things that makes him stand out above others in the field is his ability to think "outside of the box."

    Jay Patel - Visionary Entrepeneur and CEO

    WorkPlace Consulting
  • Daniel is technically astute and commercially-aware manager. Daniel drove a ‘different way of thinking’ around solutions and sales within Mastek UK, working directly with both existing and new-name customers. Daniel was instrumental in transforming complex technical client proposals, into business-orientated presentations

    Kees ten Nijenhuis, CEO

  • A breathe of fresh air to work with - and someone who gets things accomplished - Daniel brings clarity to complex issues and always seems to find an innovative approach: I recommend him highly.

    Vincent, Lord Constantine (& CEO)

    House of Lords (& GCEN Currency Cards)