Technology Service Providers

I work across the business to drive a different way of thinking, collaborating to extract value from existing resources to:

Bridge the transformation gap from selling products and services to customers to delivering business solutions to partners

Refine and enhance solution offerings and market propositions and targets

Enable a focus on core capabilities and derived outcomes

Identify inhibitors across the sales and delivery processes, driving down costs and removing sales barriers

Strengthen large-scale Bids, Solutions and Product offerings and increasing win / close ratios

Provide an independent view well-distanced from the ‘coal face’ of your daily operations.

We’ll work together to transform your business, your way, to support and deliver to your growth targets while adjusting to and exploiting our constantly changing industry – by staying focused on the way things are being done to discover opportunities for improvement.

First targets are typically to fix your messaging and increase your  margin before moving to plan to transform your approaches, processes – and in some cases the way that you do business – to maximise results from Sales and Marketing, Bids and pre-Sales and overall Operations and Delivery

Bespoke Approach: Self-assessed Requirements

A firm believer that cookie-cutter approaches are seldom the right answer, I’ve developed framework methodologies – based on my experiences transforming the technology sales and delivery approaches at businesses including Accenture, Capita and Cable & Wireless – designed to help technology service providers self-assess to identify opportunities for growth ranging from products to markets to partners as well as highlighting weaknesses and waste

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