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A growth-focused change agent with thirty years leading, brokering, designing and selling complex programmes, I collaborate at C-level to grow businesses by adding my experience and perspective to fine-tune what the business says and does (and sells and delivers) with a focus on profitable, sustainable growth: I am always up for an initial conversation to set the stage so feel free to get in touch (and feel free to take a look at what I've written to get an idea about what I just might have to say)

Working independently at Beyond Solutions and as a Partner with ex-Dragon's Den star James Caan at HB Prime Advantage, I transform and grow technology service providers, end user organisations and investment houses by driving a different way of thinking

dsWith innate skills in identifying issues, problems and their workarounds, I leverage a deep technical background with my understanding of commercial and organisational views to provide truly innovative solutions. I have a record of successfully leading and influencing technical, business and sales communities within top UK service providers and with global consultancies, including Capita, Cable & Wireless, Accenture and IBM and with end user organisations including the Canadian PMO/PCO, the Missouri Supreme Court, the US Postal Service and Qatar Petroleum. I leverage this FTSE 100 / Fortune 100 experience to help Cloud and Managed Service Providers succeed in moving to a solutions and relationships-led model (take a look here for an idea of where I've been and what I've been up to these last 30 years)

My effectiveness is supported by my ability to understand, translate and mediate ensuring delivery to the needs of all stakeholders and that alignment of business strategies with technology roadmaps is maintained

A Thought Leader at Compare the Cloud and at IntelligentHQ, I am a TEDx Bristol alumni (2012) and former Panel speaker at the CASS Business School Entrepreneurs Society, at Google Campus and as speaker and moderator at events with the Canada-UK Chamber of Commerce Technology Forums, amongst others. I have also been conducting the Beyond Solutions series of interviews with Business and Technology leaders, hosted by Groupe INSEEC London (now appearing at IntelligentHQ). You can click to take a look at some of my articles or to see the TEDx talk and some other interviews

With experiences as both consultant and service provider / integrator in organisations and for customers both small and very large scale, internationally, across cultures in both the public and private sectors, I am able to ‘hit the ground running’ and provide effective value from day one. My early career included “deep diving” in several disciplines, including Assembler and technical UNIX systems development including complex telecoms systems and networks. I was designing layered, component architectures based on the OSI model in the late 1980s before moving my focus to the business, commercial and sales aspects of architectures and solutions and technology

I am a natural leader and coach able to maximise the value extracted from technical and creative resources due to my approach and my background: with a pragmatic, tactical view on strategy and a collaborative, communicative style, I just 'fit in'

I take great pride in my work and have earned respect throughout my career, as can be evidenced by the recommendations on my LinkedIn profile which have been provided by my peers, my direct reports and from executive level

I also provide a comprehensive set of Interim, Rescue and other Bid and Review Consulting services

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