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DEAL Methods

The Beyond Solutions DEAL Methods enable modelling of bespoke propositions and products, response suitability and requirements as well as provide business intelligence in support of your growth plans, targets and markets

Exploit your own information to get and stay a step ahead

Designed for for technology, software and services organisations and supporting top-down, bottom-up or hybrid approach as best suited to requirements, DEAL provides a flexible, real-world approach tailored to deliver to individual requirements and designed to exploit the unique, specific and extensive knowledge of internal resources regarding successes, failures, strengths and weaknesses

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Loop Growth Engine

The BSL Loop Growth Engine is set to be an extensive and harmonious network of Managed Service Providers wishing to grow and advance operations, typically prior to making an exit. The model coordinates and oversees IT and Cloud managed service providers cross-selling into each others client bases, extending their go-to-market propositions and collaborating or aggregating to target larger opportunities, all whilst retaining their individual brands

The BSL Loop model reduces risks and costs, boosts support, and raises the credibility of its member businesses

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