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In addition regular Business mentoring at the Canary Wharf-based Level39 Tech Accelerator to ad hoc advisory and some selected mentoring to various tech start ups in and around London’s east end “Silicon Roundabout” tech centre, I have my own experiences designing businesses and successfully (mostly) securing significant funding

I also work with start up Founders and their teams on behalf of investors, with the target to “break and improve” the product, the messaging, the business plan and the presentations to investors


doodleBack was architected to target:

discovery-oriented search (where the highest advertising revenues are derived)

doodlebackacross the social media space (where the greatest internet growth is occurring) using social media to provide users with answers rather than results

a simple means to control their views of the world and a rich user experience either in the hand or at the desktop.

doodleBack was to be a new hybrid: a massively info-centric categorisation and application of data which will lead to search and affiliate revenues of 6 to 8 times higher value*.

Designed as the core of a set of products streamlining the connections from people to their interests, doodleBack built on learned, accepted and evolving behaviours of internet users with an interface encouraging both categorised specificity of information and the capability to like or dislike. doodleBack secured an initial £4.5Mn investment which, due to legal actions against a partner in an (unrelated) aspect of the business the money just never landed.


valuationBay is a now-closed (zero-investment) start up of mine: managed to attract 100+ professional arts and antiques evaluators worldwide plus more than 25 original artists!

Project Details
Date April 7, 2013