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Today’s tech sector more than ever demands solutions – but does your definition – and the definition used by your sales force – for that word include recurring revenues built from partnering and relationships (or is it still one-time terms like sell, margin and customer?)

With targets including Business and Revenue Growth, definition of new and refinement of current Go-to-Market Propositions (and new market targets) I help raise the bar for Cloud and Managed IT Service Providers

Your Products deserve better Messaging

I apply thirty years of buying, selling, pitching, marketing and using technology to get your message and your product propositions delivered and understood in an outcome context: spin your message to your audience

Sounding Board Advisory

AnyXO Anywhere is a Sounding Board / Sparring Partner advisory proposition: Easy to engage, inexpensive call-off service, as you need it: when a wise and independent second opinion is in order

Other Services

I also provide a comprehensive set of Interim, Rescue and other Bid and Review Consulting services across all industry sectors and fill Advisory, Thought Leader and non-Executive roles with several organisations

I connect business and client strategies and road maps, tactically and strategically

I engineer ‘smart money’ across the Start-up, Merger & Acquisition and Sale phases

I offer independent, off-the-record Sounding Board and Sparring Partner services

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Why me?

All of the above is based on more than thirty years of international, cross-sector and cross industry experience – from outside of your business and combined with the aggregated knowledge of your overall corporate knowledge and your team: I lean heavily on the lessons I have learned over the years, many of which are consolidated in the Beyond Solutions Methods which I have created: get in touch to find out more

You can get a pretty clear idea of how I think if you take a peek at this series of video shorts and you might also like my daily “Solutions, not Services” news collection

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