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the Beyond Solutions Boardroom video Interview Series

Today's issues with today's business leaders, in the Beyond Solutions Boardroom you will hear from bright, innovative and successful CEOs and Business Leaders (and the occasional Visionary) sharing their views on the trends, realities and planning necessary to succeed

Styled as conversational and interactive, this informative series delivers insights and ideas with which businesses and brands can enhance their results either by adapting and applying, or as the catalyst to connect 'their' dots

Produced by IntelligentHQ, hosted by Groupe INSEEC London and presented by Daniel Steeves, the Boardroom is a "mostly pitch-free" environment, though discussions will necessarily include product and company references (but, hopefully, used to illustrate rather than sell)

The first in our CEO Series with Richard Weaver of Advantage Business Partnerships

In production and coming soon:

Jon Penney, Founder and CEO of Intellect Security and Cryptosoft

Dinis Guarda, Founder and CEO of IntelligentHQ, Ztudium (and others)

Eddie George. Founder and CEO of New Finance

Also, recording starts next week for Beyond Cloud: a series of thought-provoking thought-leader discussions and forecasts, from 15 different angles on the Industry!



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