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Tuizzi is going global / EU-Startups

You might say you could have done this too. But the fact is that Tuizzi did it first and got the second place at the Startup Games in London, last weekend.

Tuizzi is simply the booking.com of outdoor advertising. Either you are a small business owner, a brand manager or an advertising agency, this platform will help you find and buy the local advertisements you are looking for. And if you are the proud owner of a few billboards, you can put them for sale there and even manage your business for a fee.

I met today Afonso Santos, co-founder of this Porto based startup and asked him if it was really “too easy”. The answer: “It was fun and at the end we got the best prize I could ask, a new mentor I trust will help us put the next step in place”. Afonso also mentioned the team (three co-founders and one employee) is looking to take the next step. After all, there’s ten man-years of experience gathered, adding up the team member’s commitment to the project. “We are making some money in Portugal and we think we are more than ready to take a global approach, we just feel we need to take an additional step before scaling up”, reveals Afonso.

Tuizzi was the recent winner of the Switch Conference in Lisbon and defeated 120 startups at London Startup “Olympics”, all but UK-based Versarien, a high technology company specializing in materials development that “took the gold medal”. You can read more here and here.

Now it’s back to business. Just for reference, when Afonso told me about an interested Portuguese group in the same sector, it took me one attempt to guess which one was. But the company is looking for other markets and “a big investor might be in the horizon”, so are the effects of the Startup Games second place. I know some calls and mails are being exchanged and that a deal might come in the next weeks. Afonso confirms “this will be a Series A round, we mostly funded the project ourselves up to now”. We look forward to hear from that development. My guess: given the size of the market they are, that may well be the deal of the year in Portugal.

Tuizzi is going global / EU-Startups.

Digital Sizzle

Digital Sizzle 4 – an audience with Tech City

An excellent evening: food, company, conversations, beer… a true tech evening!

(btw the Google Campus in east London is v. nice!!)

LIVE: Digital Sizzle 4 – an audience with Tech City.

Here's a Storify recap of Digital Sizzle 4 on Twitter, comments & pics

The video!! (this could get scary!)

pics from Paul Clark

TCIO Impact Report

Kernel Review of TCIO Report

The Troika, from the Kernel

future arrows

from a LinkedIn discussion regarding Google telly adverts for Google+

….Does anyone else find it a little strange to see new-media Google (the big game changer in advertising, as you may recall) using an old-media TV advertising campaign (let alone one clearly targeted to play on the emotions!!) ??

See original, full Post here
No disagreement, Phil, regarding 'getting it right' nevertheless I still find more than a little ironic. In fact my first thought was "since when does Google advertise like this?"; my second thought was that "neither Facebook nor Twitter need to advertise!".

That said, Google needs two things to maintain dominance and improve search: social discovery and video discovery.

Pinterest (or a Pinterest-style approach could answer the latter (since they own the data) (and I wouldn't be surprised to see an acquisition)

But!! they don't own the data with the former, with most of it feeding the closed Facebook and less-than-open Twitter environments.

Google+ is their most recent attempt (there have been several before this) and so far the most successful in terms of their broad target demographic. It was launched with the highest of profiles, has 50 million to 100+ million users ('active' and phantom numbers are always being argued).

Funny thing is the simple fact that Google's doesn't really need you to do much more than login to Google+ that one, important first time *only*!

Google+ is designed to power ad targeting and that first login adds biographical information (age, gender, education, employers, and places you’ve lived ) with activities and demographics already known (from Search, Gmail, Maps, when navigating with your Android phone…) which enables the creation of a more accurate identity profile, providing a complementary 'engine' for the targeting of ever more relevant ads for which Google can increase fees / get higher auction results.

Advertising is, after all, the business of Google.